Crimson driver kills my monitor (RX 480)

Discussion created by ashegoulding on Apr 15, 2017

I bought a RX 480 4GB(product) from a local retailer. I'm a Linux user, so I use Windows only to play games. Getting it out of the box, first thing I did was testing it on Linux with GpuTest. Everything seemed okay. I even played some linux games to test it out once more.


After booting on Windows, I downloaded and installed the latest Crimson driver. As soon as the Windows recognised my card, my screen went blank and I could hear that "device plug-in" sound that Windows plays when we plug a USB in repeatedly. I thought it was a driver problem and tried to install other versions of driver, which I couldn't because somehow my copy of Windows 10 didn't let me get into F8 boot option menu.

I struggled for a few days trying figure out what the problem was. List of things I did:


  • Clean install of Windows 10 Pro (4 TIMES!)
  • Driver install after clean Windows install: 16.7.3, 17.4.2
  • Letting Windows Update install the driver
  • BIOS clear
  • BIOS update from F1 to F3
  • Changing DVI cable

None of them solved my problem. But sometimes, if I got really lucky, Windows ran just just fine like nothing ever happened but back to it again when rebooted.

Then I realised the monitor was on when Windows was doing its sound thingy. Not "no signal". So I tried to turn the monitor off and on again whilst it was happening. I could see the glimpse of Windows screen for just a second. Monitor problem! So I borrowed the monitor that my sister was using and no problem with it.


My best guess is the HDMI version problem(although the monitor doesn't have a HDMI port but they're the same type of signal with different shapes). When the card tries to query what advanced HDMI stuff the monitor is capable of, the firmware in the monitor can't handle the signal and crashes/resets over and over again. I couldn't see the problem on Linux because MESA driver doesn't do such things.

The monitor is quite old and cheap one, so I guess it's time to buy a new one.


One thing I didn't do is resetting OSD settings but I don't think it would do anything. I don't expect this problem to be solved or anything(I know they won't because MONEY!). Just wanted to tell a story about my vga killing my monitor.



My spec:

  • I5-7600
  • B250M-D2V
  • DDR3 19200 8GB x 2
  • RX 480 4GB
  • Monitor: MOTV MT-220HD LYON