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    My pc wont start the second time


      This is my PC specs

      AMD APU A10 6800k with radeon HD, 8670D IGPU. (RECENTLY ADDED SAPPHIRE NITRO RX 460 4GB)

      RAM: 8Gb


      PSU: ADDED NEW PSU  EVGA 100-B1-0450-K3 Power Supply Unit - Black 450w


      The problem is when i first start my pc it works fine i shut it down and when i try to start again its just not working. everything is one but there is nothing on the monitor. i check the other outputs using different cable but still wont work. btw i am using a DVD D to vga adaptor but that shouldn't matter because it works fine.


      i realised that the 2nd time my GPU stops running for some reason. i checked the fan and it looks like the fans are not running and so i have to unplug the whole system and start again.