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    Ryzen 1600X Boost and XFR not working?


      I set Cinebench to only use a single core and ran the single thread benchmark, confirmed 100% utilisation on one core only but the speed sits at 3.7GHz no single core boost to 4.0 and no XFR to 4.1. Temps are around 40deg doing this single core test. Cooling is good; AIO so should be sufficient for XFR.


      In fact the processor seems to sit at 3.7 on all cores all the time. Doesn't drop to base block of 3.6GHz and doesn't boost individual cores.

      Motherboard settings are all set to Auto.



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          What power plan are you using? I've notice once you set it to High performance on power options it disables both and it run optimize speed for games regardless of load.

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            assuming AMD doesn't have a community manager to comment on these posts then?


            A little salty that the 1600X is advertised as a 4.0GHz SKU and never reaches 4.0GHz.... ever!


            OCed it to 4.0GHz instead, once more stable BIOSs are available will OC it to 4.1 so that my salt levels dissipate as I will have the XFR freq on all cores.

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                Did you check with tools like HWInfo to see the max speed of every single core? 4 GHz is the max if there are only 2 cores or less used, else you will stay at the "boost all" frequency used by precision boost which is somewhere in between base and max boost.

                BUT that currently only seems to work, if you set the “minimum processor performance” within the energy options to something below 100%. (Latest Ryzen power plan has 90% set per default)

                My 1600 (without X) does 3.7 GHz on default settings (100 xfr bonus) so the 1600X shouldn't be any different, except for the higher clocks. My "boost all" is 3.4 GHz.

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                    Using HWMonitor and the Ryzen Master Utility to check individual core clock speeds. As stated in OP it just sits at 3.7 if left to stock settings. I also mentioned in the OP that I confirmed 100% single core usage and it still sat at 3.7GHz despite low temps that should be sufficient for XFR (40degC) Also stated above is that I am using the Ryzen Power Plan that has the below 100% minimum power state.


                    Appreciate the reply but I closed the topic as AMD are certainly not going to answer. Really wish they wouldn't advertise this as a 4.0GHz sku. It should say 3.6 base 3.7 boost. But it doesn't it says 4.0GHz boost. And then there's probably some small print somewhere that says but only on one core when the moon and the planets line up, the clock strikes 12 and your CPU is @ 100deg Kelvin.


                    I'm really loving the CPU as a whole as the performance / £ is amazing. I just don't understand what all this precision boost/ XFR is supposed to do. Feels like marketing BS.


                    My last intel CPU boosted to the stated boost freq on all 4 cores for example.

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                  Not sure if this is still relevant to anyone, but I ran a single threaded cinebench CPU test and had CPU-Z open while the benchmark was running and could see the CPU bursting up as high as 4.1GHz at times, but most of the time maintaining a speed around 3.7GHz.  As the current accepted answer states, it might just be best to OC yourself.