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Rx460 causes system hang after a while - with amd pro-gpu driver

Question asked by cgameing on Apr 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by cgameing

I have had this issue since the driver version 16.50, and still persists past 17.10


There is the potential this issue is a known one, but I cannot pinpoint if it is cause from the allocation of opencl

Known issue im mentioning in the 17.10 driver:

"System hangs when OpenCL™ attempts to allocate more than available system memory."


It should be noted that this issue still happens with no applications open and just leaving the system alone, however the time it takes for the system to hang is greatly accelerated by having applications open that use a ton of gpu resources, (ie steam games, mostly 3D ones with shaders).


The gpu is not overheating as the thermals don't get very high and as mentioned before it can happen with idle temperatures (37.0 degrees Celsius), also it time it takes can also be decreased by using a second gpu, in this case a r7-240.


This issue happens with all possible configurations of the kernal 4.7+4.8+4.9 and on ubuntu 16.04 & 16.04.2.


Any assistance to prevent my gpu from freezing is greatly appreciated.