New Rx 460P4DDGR in Optiplex 790 LFF i7 2600 Driver stopped but has recovered HELP!! please..

Discussion created by redrunnerdown on Apr 15, 2017

Need help i have done at least 15 clean installs of windows 7 and tried on windows 10 checked all hardware and its all showing fine. I have reinstalled drivers over and over almost any version you can think of clean uninstalled them as well i am at a loss did the tdr delay fix tried installing drivers on different hard drives i have tried the power settings no onboard graphics to disable.. the graphics card runs and will run skyrim until it loads all the way and it starts squealing on the audio and the video gets choppy and the driver stops and skyrim becomes unresponsive i have tried also setting the wattman setting too lower setting and nothing on that either seems to help from driver stopping slightly any suggestions would be greatly appreciated PLEASE also forgot to mention that the power source has been changed to a 500w corsair