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Black screen while installing drivers for R9 270X

Question asked by jahen on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by xdlolxd567

This is the third time I post looking for an answer. As shown in the video, I was playing without any problems when the screen hung up. After that, Windows did not start with the drivers, so I uninstalled them using DDUU and then tried to install the latest ones. The problem is that during the installation of the drivers the screen goes black and when I reboot it seems that I did not installed drivers. I tried to play a song while installing the drivers and when the screen goes black the sound gets distorted (like de video)


I tried several drivers but no results. I formatted my PC and did not solve the problem either. Previously I passed this problem, but after several attempts the drivers will install, but in this case no longer. Did my GPU Died? I dont Have another PC to test, and my video card only have a year with me and actually dont have money, so i cant buy a new one


MOBO ASUS H61MGV3 ver 8.0


GPU: MSI R9 270X 2GB Gaming


This is the video I recorded

VID_20170318_155647 ( - Google Drive


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