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Dragon Age Inquisition long load times w/Mantle

Question asked by imrazor on Apr 14, 2017

On my laptop with a Radeon 8950M I'm getting extremely long times when Mantle is enabled. It can take 2 or more minutes to get to the splash screen, then another 2-4 minutes to load the first area of the game. When DirectX 11 is enabled instead of Mantle, load times drop to 20 seconds. (I'm using a Crucial MX100 SSD.) Multiple people on the EA/Bioware forums have reported this problem. So my questions are:


1) Does this affect other Mantle games? (I'm looking at you, Battlefield 4.)

2) Is there any way to improve the load times, even if I can't get those low DX11 speeds?


Mantle gives me a very nice 15% boost in FPS, so I'd really like to keep it, but these load times are driving me bonkers.


The problem has persisted over many different driver versions, so I don't think loading new drivers is going to help.