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final fantasy xiv dx11 game crash.

Question asked by skybernt on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2017 by skybernt

MY game keeps crashing ever 5 minutes or so making the game unplayable.

my system is as follows.

windows 10 64 bit

ryzen 1700x

32gb ddr4 2400

rx 480 x2

i have all the latest drivers.

this issue is preventing me from playing.

i have another system that currently has a r9 270x that runs the game fine. but when i test that system with the rx 480 i get the same errors witch leads me to be-leave its a driver issue. i have now tested the game with the r9 270x on both systems and it runs without a problem. but trying ether of my rx 480's and i get the errors.

attached are pics of these errors.

also it would be nice if crossfire would work with this game.


thank you.