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      • Re: Cant overclock my 390, wattman won't save my settings. Afterburner overclocks force the Core speed to 300Mhz and Memory to 150Mhz.

        Hey in7ca7,


        Can you please provide us with the INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION as described in the link? That will serve those assisting with the data necessary to troubleshoot your issue. Although it might seem like your GPU information is all we need, there are other connected aspects that we require as well such as driver version, OS, GPU bios and more that could all be specifically related to one another. I already know the solution to a 300Mhz down clocking issue when overclocking, but that solution might not necessarily be related to the issue you're encountering at the moment. Just because it appears the same to me at the moment (without the needed data), doesn't necessarily make it so. So, please get back to us with the information and we'll try to provide you with assistance as soon as possible.


        I'll be around for only a short while today, but will return within 24 hours to check this thread and respond with guidance. Thanks and have a nice day.

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