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[ReLive - RX 480] Every ReLive Driver Crashes During Intensive Gaming

Question asked by xbye on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by matter99

EDIT - Is there any way to test if my card is getting increased voltage when I change the Power Limit % in Wattman? I know that my card requires around ~10% to operate out of the box. If the new ReLive drivers are faulty and not actually increasing power limit, this could be the culprit.


I've had nothing but display driver crashes since the release of ReLive on December 7th, 2016. I am currently in the process of talking to XFX support to see if I can trade this card in for a more new/stable card in their marketplace but I am hoping to maybe solve this once and for all without having to go through the whole process of returning the card and waiting for the new one to arrive.


I am currently on: non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.4.2-apr11.
(Currently reverted back to 16.11.5 as the NON-RELIVE driver is still stable, but I want to get to the bottom of this before I RMA the card.)


Outside of one driver (Which I forgot which driver it was, but I can't use it since it has an EDID problem and I need that solved for my garbage monitor), all of the ReLive drivers are unstable on my system. Though I haven't used/tested them in a while, the drivers before ReLive run perfectly fine. However, I need the newer drivers for proper support for h.264 using OBS and the Creator's Update.


How the issue happens -

  1. Launch graphics intensive game(Saints Row 4).
  2. Load into the game.
  3. Play around a bit, can be infinitely long. However...
  4. Run into a very intense graphics scene.(Such as jumping off the tallest building in Saints Row 4).
  5. After just seconds, the game will freeze, audio will loop, entire computer is locked up. Screen goes black, back at desktop with Saints Row 4 closed and my Radeon Wattman settings reset to default.

This is the quickest way for me to replicate the issue. I use Saints Row 4 and jump off the tallest building and fly. Other less graphics intensive games can have it happen randomly. It can be minutes, hours, or not happen at all. However the game has to be running at high settings to stress the card. (IE. 1440p with medium to max settings).


What I have done to try and remedy the issue -

  • Use DDU or AMDCleanupUtility
  • Uninstall/Reinstall 13 different ReLive drivers.
  • Update Windows 10 (Issue still happened before updates).
  • Use SnappyDriver to update chipsets/drivers.
  • Uninstall MSI Afterburner
  • Do not run RivaTuner when not needed.
  • Switched PCIe slots.
  • Switched PSU connectors.
  • Changed voltages in BIOS.
  • Monitored temperatures, with everything normal.
  • Downclock.
  • Run at stock (Issue with my card, requires ~10% power limit to run properly).
  • Use up to date BIOS
  • Scan computer for viruses using Malwarebytes Anti-malware
  • Run SFC /ScanNow
  • Change TDR in registry
  • Uninstalled Xbox Game App.

I have reason to believe my RAM/HardDrive might be faulty/dying due to random pagefault bluescreens I get every now and then, but I do not have the money to purchase anything right now. The few tests I did showed nothing wrong with the hardware either.


My conclusions are the following -



Hello matter99.


I seemed to have solved my problem. I completely formatted my computer just a few days ago. This isn't just about Saints Row 4, but rather any game. Saints Row 4 was just a game where I could get it to happen consistently, on a dime. Using Windows 10's Reset This PC and telling it to remove any and all files from all my storage devices, I was able to solve this crashing problem.



I still don't know what was or is causing this crashing problem... I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with all my files intact. Something somewhere must be conflicting with the ReLive drivers and causing this serious instability.