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FYI in relation to R7 1700 power plan observation

Question asked by jigzaw on Apr 14, 2017

On my previous post regarding single core boost on the R7 1700 gets clipped on High performance setting.  Minimum power state set to 18% works well with a customized Balanced with no issues going to sleep mode. If you want something with a higher performance snap, create a customized Balanced and label it as your performance (label it as you wish) set minimum power state to 72% and single core doesn't get clipped too.


Since High performance settings disables core parking it also does the same on single core boost.


Base on 18% x 4 = 72%. Other numbers seem to cull the single core boost on my Ryzen 7 1700 on Asrock AB250 Pro4 with dual rank G.Skill 32 GB (2X16G) F4=3000C 14D-32GVK DDR4-3000 Ripjaws V set at 2666mhz.


The above is for the R7 1700 processor.