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System process constantly tries to access EnableWiredHDCP22 registery key that does not exist.

Question asked by renazor on Apr 14, 2017



For as long as I know, these 3-4 years being on this Windows 7 x64 Ultimate machine with Asus P9X79 mothebroard, Intel Core i7 3820, various Radeon cards currently on RX480 from Sapphire, and various monitors such as Asus VG-278HE and now Asus PB328Q, it has always produces keys like this in the background, I just ignored them but this time I took a look, and there's nothing on the internet about it yet.


If there's no issue, then it's just taking resources away and wasting them.



Looking deeper the only modules attached to this event are ntoskrnl.exe and atikmdag.sys - I don't know how to look further to see who exactly is triggering this path checking.