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How to get my AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost To Display 3 Monitors

Question asked by builderbits on Apr 15, 2017
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Presently I moved into a new office space from my office home, and I work in the software industry specializing in the construction industry.

Previously all three Dell Monitors worked like a charm and this is the configuration on the previous Dell Monitors

Two had DVI inputs and one had DVI and HDMI input which worked perfect because the AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost has two DVI outs, 1 HDMI out, and 1 Display out port. So, with this configuration I directly wired the two DVI out ports on the AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost to the DVI input ports of the two Dell monitors, and lastly I ran a HDMI from the AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost HDMI output port to the one Dell input HDMI port. ALL WAS DANDY.

Now, here is the problem that needs to be solved I still have the same workstation with the same AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost graphics card and it is now located at my new office. However, I did not bring the previous three Dell monitors with me I purchased 3 brand new

HP Pavilion 22CWA 21.5 IPS LED Monitor 1920x1080 Full HD HDMI VGA

The oddest thing about these monitors is that they have NO DVI inputs, *** ?, the only inputs all these have are VGA and HDMI.


So I've got the current wired configuration as two DVI to HDMI and one is HDMI to HDMI. This is due to the face that on the AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost Has two DVI ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 Display Port.


At this time I need advise as to while in the hell only two monitors work at a time, I've downloaded all the drivers, pushed all the buttons and now I am reaching out for help.


My Question Is


How in the hell do I get all 3 monitors to work with my AMD Radeon HD xfx r7700 Ghost graphics card?


Please remember with your answer to this question is that I am a software developer your gaming and my developing typically go hand in hand with machine configurations, however, I do not understand Gaming lingo so please either give me a link as to what I need to buy and dumb down the answers.


This needs to be fixed last week, so PLEASE anyone that can help I am so grateful!