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Windows update messing with AMD Catalyst driver

Question asked by fborost on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2017 by kingfish

Amd is really making me stressful. I just updated to creators update and poof. Amd control panel stopped working. Like i never installed it before. Before i really didn't thought catalyst control center would helpful. But now i want to change my game profiles and video render settings. I googled about this issue like 1 or 2 weeks. I tried uninstalling previous driver by using DDU and installed latest driver aaaand 3 minutes after poof it's gone. I even tried clean install of windows and guess what? After installing that clumsy driver it stopped working. Are you kidding me? Then i messed up with some registries, windows updates and frame network stuff. And i finally managed to work this catalyst crimson whatever this driver for 1 month. Today windows thought it would be perfect idea to update and mess up with AMD driver. I really regretting now for choosing amd product. More stressful thing is there is no helpful information about this on RIGHT HERE AMD'S OFFICIAL SUPPORT FORUM. REALLY? by the way my messed up amd laptop spec is Hp pavillion 15 ab121dx with amd a10 8700p 8gb ram 128gb ssd 1tb hdd. I'm really really disappointed for amd's lack of driver support. Now i'm trying to install windows 10 iso with latest creators update. If amd driver won't work i'm gonna sell this junk and buy intel + nvidia combination laptop. xaxaxa.png