Where are the AM4 mini-ITX motherboards?

Discussion created by waxtats on Apr 13, 2017

I've got the cash ready to go, AMD. I'm ready to go out and buy parts on five brand new mini-ITX motherboards and Ryzen 1700x processors for my startup crew. The processor price is great and the motherboard price is would likely be great as well. So much bang for your buck. I can't wait. The only problem is... where are the mini-ITX motherboards? I would gladly get a micro-ATX, but it won't fit in a mini-ITX case.


Do we have an ETA on any of these? I need these builds done yesterday and I was expecting the boards would come out with Ryzen 5. Nope. I might just have to get a 7700k instead. Not as affordable, but it will get he job done. Come on, AMD!