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HD 6870 video crashes to black screen in different but not all apps

Question asked by flyinga2 on Apr 13, 2017

I have been unable to get 5min into the intro of SKYRIM ELDER SCROLLS V (not special edition) without the graphics failing. The audio still works but I must soft reboot. CPU is I7-950 not O/C'd running on  MSI X-POWER BIG BANG motherboard. 16gB RAM 9-9-9-27 passing 2 hours on MEMTEST. Graphics card is running at 820/1120 (stock) at 1.29v. Heaven benchmark crashes but Valley benchmark does not. PRIME 95 runs fine. FUTUREMARK 3D runs fine. OEM is H.I.S. who is now out of business.


ANY IDEAS? The game publisher tech support is clueless.