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    I can't update my Radeon Software


      The version of my Radeon Software is 16.12.2, in other words, it's outdated but I want to update it. So, I open the Radeon Settings, go to "New Update" and there I can see the new (recommended) version(17.2.1 at the moment) to install. However, when I choose Express Upgrade or Custom Upgrade  the window of the program starts loading and doesn't stop as you can see in this screenshot http://prntscr.com/ew00d4 (I also tried to execute as an administrator). I'd like to know how to solve this problem. Thanks.

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          Try to download manually the driver from the official website and install as administrator. This is the only way I can update mine.

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            Hey man, I am just going to leave this here for ya to ponder on if you want to give it a shot if the above post doesnt work for ya.



            "What I do is download a program called Display Driver Uninstaller AKA: DDU, and use that program to uninstall any old graphics driver I have before updating to a new one. So here are the steps.


            1. Download DDU from their site. ( Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download )


            2.Download latest AMD Driver from their website, Not The Minimal One, and save it to your desktop for later. ( Download Drivers )


            3. After you install DDU you must restart your pc into safe mode. To do this on Win 10 I find the easiest way is to hold down the shift key as you select the power option in the start menu and select the restart button as you're holding down shift. a window will appear shortly after select these.


            Select Troubleshoot>Advanced Options>Startup Settings and then restart. Once your PC has restarted you will have the options to boot into Safe mode by using the numbers on your keyboard (I use option 4 for regular Safe Mode)


            4. Once you are Booted into Safe Mode and on your Desktop Launch DDU and use the Recommended Option (the top/first one) for clean and restart. Let it do its thang and it'll then restart. It'll look all cruddy because you're display drivers are uninstalled but don't fret, you're on track.


            5. Once you have restarted and you're back on your Desktop after uninstalling using DDU, go ahead and start to install the drivers you have download from AMD. It'll ask if you want to do a clean install or express install, select Express Install since you already uninstalled the old drivers using DDU.


            6. Make a cup of coffee and let it install then restart when you get back.


            On a side note the installer will ask if you want to install Radeon ReLive. I always skip this because I am always seeing people complain of issues using the software. Just me personally."