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    i need to returned my card to the after sales service ?



      Since I changed the config, the drivers of my graphics crash all the time.

        the temperature of the graphics card on average at the time of the crash on overwatch regardless of rendering quality is between 70 and 80 ° C

      1000w power supply

      Asus rog crosshair 6

      Rizen 1800x not oc

      M.2 960evo 1tr

      Win 10 64 bit

      16 g ram ddr4 not oc

      Sapphire radeon fury nitro tri-x graphics card. crash on 17.4.2 / 17.4.1 /17.3.3/17.2.1

      sfc scan no problem found


      I changed on this config my graphics card shares a radeon hd5700 I don't have problem.



      I put the radeon fury on my old config

      650w power supply

      Athlon 2,640

      CM I do not remember any more

      8G ram ddr3



      I also crash.

      while before buying my new pc this card graphics did not crash on this config



      Sorry in advance, I'm bad in english