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    Unstable AMD driver


      Hello guys,


      I have a question regarding AMD graphic drivers.

      Got this older laptop, but still decent. Installed Windows 10, but the it's not great. When I boot the PC, after the Windows logo, I'm getting black screen for few minutes, then lock screen shows up. I managed to relate this with AMD graphic driver issues, since I've uninstalled them and the it worked normally. Also, occasional crash while browsing the web or using applications that require high performance such as Photoshop, Experience Design, any other that includes graphic hardware. Gaming, it's just a pain. Using it for work is my primary thing but with unstable drivers or else related with this matter I cannot fix myself. So I will attach some of my specs, card info and driver versions.



      System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

      System Model: HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC

      BIOS: InsydeH2O

      Processor: Inter(R) Core(TM) i5-2450M CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), 2.5GHz

      Memory: 6144MB RAM

      DirectX: 12



      Name: Intel(R) HD Graphic 3000

      Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

      Chip Type: Inter(R) HD Graphic Family
      DAC Type: Internal

      Memory size: Approx. 3GB


      AMD Graphic

      Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series

      Device ID:  6760

      Memory size: 1024MB


      AMD Catalyst Control Center Version: 2015.1104.1643.30033


      So approx. 4GB of VRAM on both cards with Switchable Graphic Panel.


      All updates/installation of Catalyst I've got from Windows update, didn't do from the website.

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          Roll back to Windows 7.

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              Hey @black_zion,


              Haven't been using the laptop few months, so I really couldn't use Windows 10 like it was mentioned in my original post, so I've installed Windows 7 but still there are some problems regarding AMD graphic. Installed both graphic drivers (Intel first, AMD after), yet there are problems with AMD; cannot open AMD Control Panel via right click and Panel Settings, getting message with an error like "Windows cannot find 'cli'. Make sure you typed the name correcly, and then try again." Also opening panel from Program files menu result the similar message but this time "CCC.exe" wasn't found.


              In the BIOS I've setup switchable graphic to fixed, only way it works but using Intel integrated only. Whenever I set it up to Dynamic, after "Welcome" screen, monitor turn off/on few times then BSOD crashes with failed timeout error.


              Downloading drivers from official HP website, Driver Pack Solutions and official HP service wasn't enough to fix the thing.


              Best regards.

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              The problem is the Intel graphics. The Intel HD3000 series and older are not supported in Win10....they do not meet Microsoft's minimum requirements. The switchable graphics are borked. As recommended above, rolling back to the OS the laptop was designed for will give you a fully functional computer.

              Laptops with switchable AMD/Intel graphics Windows 10 support