Fix with saturation, AMD 13/4 - 2017

Discussion created by drnevertrust on Apr 13, 2017
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As so many others I couldn't get the saturation option in my AMD Crimson Radeon software, I will tell you exactly what I did to get that.


This Thread is based of this link I found when searching for ages (AMD Catalyst Control Center is gone in 15.7/Windows 10 build 10240 )


(You can skip to step 2, If that doesn't work try step 1 too)


This basically contains 2 steps of what I did:


1. I reinstalled all AMD graphics drivers, I downloaded it from their website and through their installation also uninstalled old drivers and new ones.


2. I went into my Hard Drive, where AMD drivers are installed, C:\AMD\WU-CCC2\ccc2_install and I pressed that one, that made my running Crimson Software restart (I pressed this ccc2_install a lot of times though, prob works with one) and after that I just went into my AMD Crimson software again > Settings > Advanced settings > Options are there.


Now if this works please comment down below, or if it doesn't (help make this thread better).


As I said this is based on this link (AMD Catalyst Control Center is gone in 15.7/Windows 10 build 10240 ) in which he thinks install package has a problem with windows 10.



I have an AMD RX 480 8GB Nitro+.


Install version: 17.2.1