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Driver Problems

Question asked by dragonseth on Apr 13, 2017

Hello everyone okay so i ran until multiple issues and i have had enough and getting tired.

But here it is i restored my windows because when i updated to 17.4.2 drivers my second screen starting becoming a glitchy mess every time i move the mouse or anything.


Okay so i reinstalled 17.2.1 drivers everything works fine until i look at the temps with after burner and then i start seeing 50c Idle doing nothing. and when i use 17.4.2 my idle temp is 30-40c

okay but see this mostly happens when i over clock with after burner if i even move the mhz down or higher the screen starts to glitch out for no reason. Before i updated to these drivers every thing worked perfect.


Drivers i have tried.


  • 16.9.2- Everyone Thing Works Perfect But Temps Are Not Even Close To Normal.
  • 17.2.1- Second Screen Is Glitchy.
  • 17.4.2- Second Screen Is Glitchy.


Okay here is my specs


  • CPU: AMD FX 8350- 30c Idle which is normal
  • GPU: R9 280XFX 3GB DDR5- use to run 38-40c idle which is normal #Before Driver Updates
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1600 MHZ: OC 1866mhz
  • PSU: 1000w EVGA Gold Edition


Things i have tried:


  • I have tried restoring windows multiple times.
  • Fully cleaning the drivers.
  • Re installing old drivers seem to work but the temps are not normal at all.