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HDMI and DVI not working on R9 390X Graphics card

Question asked by dee.smith334 on Apr 12, 2017

Hi. I have a custom build desktop with an Intel 6600k CPU and a Radeon R9 390 graphics card. I had to manually cut the desktop off because my screen froze up and wouldn't respond to my mouse or keyboard. My computer is connected to my TV via HDMI cord. When I powered my computer on the next day TV read no signal. I tried every port and even changed HDMI cords and it still said no signal. I plugged the HDMI cord into a different TV and found that the HDMI cord was fully functional. I purchased a dvi to HDMI adapter because my computer does not have vga. My TV continues to read no signal. I went inside the computer. I disconnected and reconnected the graphics from both the motherboard and the power supply. I have cleaned out the RAM and a did the trick with power button. The TV went from the "no signal" message to a blank screen. It was as if the TV was trying to recognize the computer to boot up. This only lasted for about 3 seconds as the TV went back to its "no signal" message. I think this is a driver issue but I don't know how to update or troubleshoot the driver without being able to see the screen. Can anyone help me?