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Radeon software required for Crossfire?

Question asked by erfg12 on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by savagebeastzero

HARDWARE: 2 Radeon RX480s, i7 6700k, 32gb DDR4, Samsung SSD 256gb.


Every other day I get an update from the Radeon software to update to a new driver version for small fixes in games I don't play (maybe I opted in for beta drivers?). Even using the Radeon software to update those drivers sometimes causes the entire computer to show nothing on screen and require a restart. More recently I had an issue where if I was in Adobe Premiere and working on a project the entire computer would nearly lock up. While this was going on I would watch my task manager and CPU/HDD/RAM are below max numbers.


I did a virus scan with Microsoft's defender and MalwareBytes. Both came up empty. So I reset my computer with the Windows 10 reset feature (I love this feature) and it's running fantastically right now with all the default drivers installed.


My question is, can I just leave the default drivers from Microsoft installed and still get great performance in Adobe Premiere and maybe some games like Doom or Yooka-Laylee? Is Crossfire enabled by default in the default drivers, or is Radeon software required? I'm just really fed up with the Radeon software update system.