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Overwatch crashes on RX-480

Question asked by rbkahn on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by goodplay

I have a RX-480 with 8192M or RAM running driver version 17.4.2 (the most recent). It has 8192M of DDR5 memory. My computer is running Win 10 64 bit on a Intel I7-7700K (4.2GHz).  I am using a Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming motherboard with 8GB of DDR4 RAM.


Overwatch crashes after a varying amount of gameplay.  I initially had Graphics Driver Version 17.2.1 installed and it would take 5-10 minutes of Overwatch play for the screen to go "blank" (all grey).  I upgraded to the most recent driver hoping the problem would be fixed.  Now I can play for about 20 minutes before the graphics card freezes and the screen "goes blank".  Only a system reset will fix the problem.  This is a brand new system (just built it). All settings are default on the BIOS and Graphics card.  I am running at the max resolution 1920x1080. Any help or insight you could provide would be appreciated


I have now tried installing drivers back to 16.9 without luck.  I get 20-30 minutes of game play and the game grey screens my PC.  Reset button is the only option that will work.


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