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    Post ReLive 17.1.2 Issues


      Hi All,


      Been having issues with all drivers after 17.1.2 (Namely significant frame rate drops), anyone else had similar issues?



      AMD FX 8350

      16GB DDR3

      MSI 970 - SLi KRAIT

      Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 390 Nitro





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          Do you use flux?

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            Hello Guys,


            I'm having some issues with my video card as well. I bought a Sapphire R9 390 (backplate) two days ago and besides an occasional faint coil whine, i get extremely low FPS in games. My previous card was a Asus R7 265 - 2GB/256bit, with which i was able to play games like GTA V, War thunder, Dying light, and even Mass Effect Andromeda on fairly decent details, especially War Thunder ( constant 45 - 50 FPS with custom details, most of them on HIGH )

            But with this new card i can't even go beyond 25 FPS in GTA V or 28 in War Thunder. The only one that maintains 40 FPS maxed out is Andromeda.

            I thought that my processor was bottlenecking the card, but i see that kazrayel has the same processor that i got, i probably even the same motherboard.

            Could you please shine some light on this? I am really frustrated because i paid a pretty penny for this card ( 350$ ) which is more than half my monthly salary, and i don't know what to do.

            My specs are :

            Proc : AMD FX8350  - stock

            RAM : 16 GB Corsair HyperX

            MB : MSI 970 Gaming

            GPU : Sapphire R9 390

            PSU : Sirtec 750W 80+ Bronze

            OS : Windows 10 X64 - Enterprise


            The CPU is water cooled and i have plenty of case fans, so overheating is not the issue. I also installed the latest driver today.


            What exactly is Flux? maybe i have it installed and i don't know about it



            Thank you in advance, and Happy Easter.

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                Hey, did you try cranking the power limit to +50%? That helped me with

                frame rates. I'm also running andromeda at max around 30+ fps

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                    Yes, i did that. And i discovered what was causing the performance drop. My CPU was stuck at 1.4Ghz, it wouldn't get past this frequency, and the Vcore wouldn't get past 0.942v. I tried the slow mode switch, i called a friend that has the same power supply as me, Overclocked the processor to 4.2ghz, and i couldn't get a constat vCore voltage. I would restart, all good 4ghz, played a little gta, then when i switched games, it dropped. I think my motherboard, or PSU might be the issue.

                    I really don't know, the FPS in gta earlier today, when i finally got it to work (no jinx ) would go to 75, and then it would drop to 30, the same in war thunder. I really don't get it.

                    I will take my pc to the shop from where i bought all my parts, and ask them to test the MB, PSU and CPU, and hopefully they will find the problem.

                    Can you tell me if in MSI Command Center, your Vcore is pretty much constant? Or does it fluctuate.


                    Thank you in advance

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                        My cpu sits at constant voltage while gaming, clocks down when not in use

                        as always. I'd also try reset all bios settings to default too.


                        When's the last time you had your pc cleaned and changed the thermal paste

                        as well, might be a good idea to do that if you have not in the last 6