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I have MSI RX480 8 G GamingX but low fps

Question asked by jeula on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2017 by peter@nixeus

Firstly Hi guys


I have Problem
Fİrstly I give system information


i7 5820 K
MSI RX480 8G Gaming X 256 bit
Gigabyte UD4 x99 2011v3 Motherboard
32 GB DDR4 Ram
750 Watt psu Zalman




I am a Black Desert player. When I stay normally, the FPS is fine. When it starts moving. FPS suddenly falls.I do not know how to explain my problem.

It's like a delay. But this is not the ping. It seems as if the commands I give are late. All drivers and bios Up to date. I got the new format. I downloaded the game again. The problem did not improve.

Please help me.