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    I have MSI RX480 8 G GamingX but low fps


      Firstly Hi guys


      I have Problem
      Fİrstly I give system information


      i7 5820 K
      MSI RX480 8G Gaming X 256 bit
      Gigabyte UD4 x99 2011v3 Motherboard
      32 GB DDR4 Ram
      750 Watt psu Zalman




      I am a Black Desert player. When I stay normally, the FPS is fine. When it starts moving. FPS suddenly falls.I do not know how to explain my problem.

      It's like a delay. But this is not the ping. It seems as if the commands I give are late. All drivers and bios Up to date. I got the new format. I downloaded the game again. The problem did not improve.

      Please help me.

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          I recently built a system with a Ryzen 1700 and MSI RX 480 4G and have some absurdity in its graphics performance as well. While it does well on Doom, Fallout 4, and Tomb Raider, it struggles with Far Cry 4 and I have crappy frame drops in GTA V, especially at night, all with post FX, reflections and shadows turned down. It appears that the RX 480 can just be finicky at times and give such issues. I'm wondering what to do as well with those games, as a reinstall didn't help. Neither did a Windows reinstall or any amount of fidgeting with the graphics settings.

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            If you are running Windows 10, the Xbox DVR application is set to ON by default.  Even if you don't or never created a Xbox account, it is still set to ON by default.


            Here are steps on how to disable it:

            Disabling Xbox DVR in Windows 10 - Documentation - Knowledge Base - Steam Support


            When you perform a Windows 10 update or update to the Creators Edition, it may enable Xbox DVR again and you have to disable it again.


            This app is known to cause FPS, stuttering/lag and FreeSync issues.