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Virtual Super Resolution - Non-native unavailable in some games

Question asked by cossack-hd on Apr 13, 2017

Radeon Crimson 17.4.2

Radeon RX480

Windows 10 64-bit


I can no longer downsample following games because VSR resolutions don't appear in their settings:

Heroes of the Storm

The Elder Scrolls Online


I run these games in full screen.

Adding custom resolutions through Crimson Software doesn't make them appear in these games either.

Running VSR resolution on desktop (windows settings) still doesn't make VSR resolutions appear in these games.


A potential workaround is to run windowed borderless with desktop VSR resolution, but that would impact the performance and switching the resolution back and forth in Windows is tedious.

P.S.: Loving that flickering grass fix in Elder Scrolls Online though