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Dead graphic card?/ weird texture bug

Question asked by killer123denmark on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2017 by mack0y

So yeah this is just like a day to day thing, ive uploaded a video of it in this thread, would like some help, its only in specific games, mostly those who require alot of "power" like gta v battlefield 1 and overwatch. It doesent matter how i set the graphics in game.


Its not like its there from the beginning it kinda starts with a small flash then it gets worse and worse.


My graphic card fans starts spinning faster and faster when the bug is happening


As i said the computer seemed to work fine one day then the next day s*ht like this happens.


(Sorry about all the noice in the video this was recorded at a big lan party)

Its hard to exsplaing what is happening so i would suggest you watch the video below, help would be nice

I have an r9 290 x lightning btw   Sorry about my bad english


Since i cant upload a video to the thread, here is link to the video: