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random occuring blackscreen's with AMD R9 390x card

Question asked by shogan on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by speedtrac11

like title says i randomly get blackscreen's (no mouse, no keyboard nothing) about once every 2-6 weeks with my 390x card. When this occurs i noticed sometimes a little flash of Colors on the monitor; sometimes the noise of a fan is going louder (guessing the fan of the graphic card). These blackscreens heave occured within games as well as in just browser and also when nothing is done too; i can't find any pattern to reproduce them.


things i did :

* drivers are all current

* max last on computer (temp not going over 80° when enforcing pc to 100% load; graphic card around 60°)

* computer is completly new; windows installation fresh


cpu : intel i7 4990k

8 gb RAM


windows 7 64-bit


is the card broken, or anyone know of a "fix" for this problem, since it really gets on the nerves after a time