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Windows 10 (no creators update) atikmdag.sys bsod after trying Hitman Absolution???

Question asked by anonymous_ on Apr 12, 2017

Hi, I have this issue: with Crimson ReLive 17.3.3 I tried to play Hitman Absolution with max graphics parameters, I changed them in the AMD Settings too. I shutted down and the day after I had the blue screen with this "irql not less or equal" and "atikmdag.sys". So I used AMD Clean Uninstall Utility and I installed the AMD driver from Windows Update. It installed the 16.6 version and it works, but I want the latest. I tried to install the latest (17.4.1) and it causes the BSOD. What happened? What can I do? Thank you.


Hardware information:

Intel Core I5-6500

MSI H170M pro-vdh

G.Skill ripjaws 2133Mhz



windows 10 pro (now installing the creators update)


Note: when I uninstalled the crimson 17.3.3 without amd clean uninstall utility and then I installed the 16.6 from Windows Update, windows didn't crash but the card was very hot. I suppose this is a thermic problem caused by the setting I used in Hitman Absolution, I tried to set everything at minimun in the AMD settings but it didn't work.