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gpupro driver on ubuntu-mate 16.04

Question asked by emilevs on Apr 12, 2017

os: ubuntu-mate 16.04

card: r9 380x

cpu: intel i3 3220



I recently dual-booted my pc with ubuntu-mate 16.04 and I want to install the amd drivers. In the welcome screen under the settings tab ubuntu-mate tells me:


AMD Graphics Card Detected

AMD's drivers are no longer supported on Ubuntu. The open source drivers you are currently using will deliver the most stable performance out of you rcard.

Card/Chipset: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Amethyst XT [Radeon R9 M295X Mac Edition / R9 380X] (rev f1)


While the Amd website telss me that they do have drivers for the r9 300 series on ubuntu 16.04


I know the amd website has a page that tells me how I should install the AMD gpupro driver on ubuntu. but they don't mention uninstalling the open source driver. I also tried going through the installation hoping that that would remove the driver in the process, which didn't happen so I uninstalled that driver.

How do I uninstall this open source drivers so I can install the AMD drivers?