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Overriding graphics options in Total War: WARHAMMER isn't working

Question asked by skysweeper on Apr 11, 2017

As the title says - I am trying to Override the AA settings in Total War: Warhammer because the AA systems in the game are horribly optimized. However, the game doesn't seem to be registering an override when I play - I tested it with the option of overriding the applications settings ticked both on and off, and there is no visual difference what so ever. Whats more, frame-rate limiting isn't working either. Now the game starts up via an independent launcher before launching the actual game, and i'm wondering if that's causing my drivers to misinterpret what program it's supposed to be overriding? I tried setting a profile for the launcher application, but it just causes it to break. I've looked online several times and can't find anything on how to fix something like this, so I'm trying here. Please help. I've linked an album that shows screenshots of different AA settings and why I think it's not registering an override of it's settings.


Ignore - trying to determine AA differences and problems - Album on Imgur


I have an RX 480 8GB graphics card, an am running the latest drivers