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Can't install driver. Computer freezes and gets stuck on a black screen on boot.

Question asked by ericomoura on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by thejoker

     As stated in the title, the computer freezes when trying to install any AMD drivers and, after that, it's stuck on a black screen on boot (requiring me to go into safe mode and then run DDU or the AMD Cleanup Tool). I've tried new drivers (even the ones from yesterday), tried old drivers (ReLive drivers, non-ReLive drivers, non-Crimson drivers, all kinds), tried WHQL drivers and non-WHQL drivers and they all get stuck when installing the actual driver (not the application manager or anything else that comes with).


     I have an Alienware M17xR4 laptop, with a Radeon HD7970M in it and an i7 with integrated graphics as well. This is a clean Windows 10 Home 64bit install, as I had the black screen boot problem and couldn't fix it so I figured I'd just start fresh (didn't have a lot to lose). Now that I've gone through all this, I suspect the original problem was because of AMD drivers as well (maybe Windows trying to update them automatically, maybe problem with the card itself, who knows) as it's the exact same problem.


     Been troubleshooting and trying to fix this on my own for 2 days now with no success. Tried all kinds of stuff. Tried all sorts of driver versions (as mentioned before), tried using DDU and the AMD Cleanup Tool (as instructed in another forum post), tried using both tools at once, tried reinstalling the IntelHD graphics as well, tried all of that again in safe mode. Tried disabling network adapters so that Windows Update wouldn't interfere and tried using Microsoft's tool to stop Windows from auto updating specific software. Tried following this guide on troubleshooting, but DISM says it can't find the sources and SFC says there were a couple of files that it couldn't fix (don't have the logs on hand, but I can run those again if needed).


     I haven't tried physically troubleshooting the card as it's kind of a pain to get to it since it's a laptop. After all that, all I could figure out is that it's the actual driver, since the computer crashes shortly after Windows asks if I'm sure I want to install the driver, and not at any other point of the installation. Without the driver, I'm stuck with the integrated graphics for playing games and I can barely use my second monitor. I don't know what else to do. I'm starting to consider the possibility of the card being just "dead" which is surprising to me (expected it to last longer).


     Thanks in advance!