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    Is anyone on the AMD Community participating in the Liquidsky Beta?




      I was wondering if anyone in the AMD Community is or is planning on participating in the Liquidsky Beta?
      I initially became interested in Liquidsky following the recent AMD Capsaicin and Cream event here: http://radeon.com/en-us/gdc-2017/
      If you watch the following video on AMD Twitch Webpage from 00:42:00 you will see discussion about Liquidsky: Twitch
      The intention stated in the presentation seems to be to to enable users to get access to use RX Vega gaming experience using LiquidSky.


      I have applied for Beta Participation and just downloaded the latest client here:


      Here is a picture of the interface.



      I am interested in finding out if anyone has used it yet?
      I found the following article here which might be of interest also:

      AMD Vega powered LiquidSky streaming servers go live - Industry - News - HEXUS.net



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          I just started testing Liquidsky last week / this weekend.


          No Ryzen CPU or Vega GPU available on Liquidsky yet as far as I see.

          The Liquidsky Beta is currently running on Intel XEON E5-2690 2.6GHz CPU cores 

          and Nvidia Tesla M60 ( http://www.nvidia.com/object/tesla-m60.html ) GPU.


          Liquidsky Beta Gamer = 3 of XEON CPU Cores,  8GB RAM,  and Nvidia Tesla M60 2GB VRAM.

          Liquidsky Beta  Pro     =  7 of XEON CPU Cores, 16GB RAM, and Nvidia Tesla M60 4GB VRAM.


          Here are some videos.


          Launching Liquidsky.



          Liquidsky Pro Beta Specs.



          Liquidsky Gamer Beta Specs.



          Running Doom Demo at 1080p maxed out Graphics Specs  on Liquidsky Pro.



          Running Doom Demo at 1080p maxed out Graphics Specs  on Liquidsky Gamer.



          3DMark Timespy.


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            I am hoping to be able to run an RX Vega soon in Liquidsky and possibly a Ryzen or Naples CPU with Vega setup in the future.
            One thing I would hope to be able to run AMD Crimson ReLive Driver from within the Liquidsky Windoes 10 Environment if possible.

            The Nvidia card used in Liquidsky at present is a Workstation Dual GPU core with dual sets of 8GB memory and retails at around $/£/Euro 5500-6000 each.

            I have not been able to ruin anything like "Nvidia Control Panel" in LiquidSky Windows 10 Environment, however ... perhaps there is little / no User control of the GPU in this setup.


            In the Capsaicin and Cream event, as far as I understand it (please comment/let me know if I misunderstand ...):


            AMD claim to aim to bring Workstation Graphics based technology and capabilities down to High End Consumer Card (the RX Vega). AMD already have Multiuser GPU (MxGPU) technology, which supports SR-IOV. They have also added Radeon Virtualised Encode into RX Vega. In addition the High Bandwidth Cache Controller in the RX Vega should help provide better performance, since they can increase memory throughput and capacity by adding an SSD as additional GPU memory. Using the above technologies in RX-Vega allows it to be used in Cloud gaming servers, where GPU Resources can be shared between users or used exclusively by one user.


            AMD have partnered with Liquidsky to allow early access to the RX Vega even if you connot afford to buy an RX Vega up front / do not have a Gaming PC setup.


            I forgot to mention that I see a latency of 8-9 mS from my location with liquidsky at present.


            If anyone does not already have Beta access or is tired of waiting for your Beta Aceess to begin you can purchase early access anyhow for ~ $5.00 and you can prolong your access time by watching videos / taking surveys to prolong your Liquidsky Credits anyhow.


            If anyone feels like participating in the Beta/testing early access or has experience using Liquidsky or knows when RX Vega will likely come online
            with Liquidsky please post here / let me know.


            I hope the above information and videos are useful intro and summary of what I have seen so far with Liquidsky.