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Is anyone on the AMD Community participating in the Liquidsky Beta?

Question asked by colesdav on Apr 12, 2017
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I was wondering if anyone in the AMD Community is or is planning on participating in the Liquidsky Beta?
I initially became interested in Liquidsky following the recent AMD Capsaicin and Cream event here:
If you watch the following video on AMD Twitch Webpage from 00:42:00 you will see discussion about Liquidsky: Twitch
The intention stated in the presentation seems to be to to enable users to get access to use RX Vega gaming experience using LiquidSky.


I have applied for Beta Participation and just downloaded the latest client here:


Here is a picture of the interface.



I am interested in finding out if anyone has used it yet?
I found the following article here which might be of interest also:

AMD Vega powered LiquidSky streaming servers go live - Industry - News -