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Games crashing with artifact and tdr failure

Question asked by pbrasi on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by plutonium_isotope

Greetings everybody,


troubles in paradise here. I just bought an MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8Gb, and it worked great for the first few playing sessions. Then the crashes started. It happened until now only during games, the game freezes with sound still playing, I get graphic artifacts like the one in the figure, then either the game closes and I return to windows, or I get a BSOD with the "tdr failure" code.

It happens in different games (Witcher 3, Rainbow 6:Siege, Thief, Superhot) at seemingly random times, sometimes after 20 minutes, other times after 2 hours; in some sessions it doesn't happen at all.  I am after clean install of windows, I upgraded all drivers (tried versions 17.2.1 and 17.4.1 of AMD Crimson), mobo bios was flashed to the latest available (problem presented before and after flash). I ran memtest86 for some 15 hours without errors, and did one hour of Furmark without problems. Gpu temperature never goes above 73C, and I didn't touch overclocking (only increased the maximum power draw limit, seemingly no effect). I was playing both on a samsung TV and IPS monitor via HDMI, same problem. I'm running out of ideas... is it possible that it's an hardware defect? I have the card since 10 days only, and never had any problem with the previous card (GTX 770).


Thanks for any help!


My specs:

OS: Windows 10 pro
GPU: MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8Gb

CPU: Intel i5 4670 3.4 GHz

MoBo: Asrock B85M-G

RAM: 2x8 Gb DDR 3 1600 MHz, 1 Kingston, 1 Crucial Ballistix (yes I know I shouldn't mix, but I manually adjusted CAS latencies, and anyway they never gave me problems for 2 years).

Storage: HDD 1 Tb, SSD 240 Gb

PSU: Silentium Deus M1 650W