Amd Drivers Problems that I have experienced...

Discussion created by rouketas on Apr 11, 2017
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This is mostly a report for problems I noticed.


Driver version 16.11.5 Is the only one that never had any problems with it. And after many tries I reverted back to it until a new release to try again.

Any newer version than 16.11.5 will cause crashes sooner or later with Nier Automata.


The latest driver 17.4.1 is the only one that will not cause any crashes with Nier Automata. But after some use it self destructs or something... haha

Nier Automata will not launch. Giving an error      Not Enough Video Memory

Dark Souls 3 will launch in upper left corner of screen in a boredreless window. No way to fix that.

Xcom 2 will not launch

Rise of the Tomb Raider sometimes will not launch but mostly no problems.

Motorsport Manager sometimes will not Launch

League of Legends will not launch giving an Direct X Error Check your Video Drivers.


After 17.4.1 self destructs the only solution is uninstall and install the driver again.


So I am forced to use 16.11.5 because it is is the only one trouble free.


My system is:

OC i7 860

8GB Ram

Intel P55 chipset

Rx 480 4gb