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Problem with Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

Question asked by al89 on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by xnervoushabitx


I am using windows 10 home edition (Samsung 870z5e)

Yesterday i tried to install the new official amd driver for my AMD Graphic Card (8800M) with a clean install. During the process windows update was also installing driver by itself.

At the end, the amd software told me that something went wrong and it suggests me to use  AMD Clean Uninstall Utility or DDU uninstaller. I've used both of them.

Now after some seconds I start windows the system freezes!

Safe mode works but i can't install AMD drivers because the software tell me that it can't recognize the driver i have or sometimes that it has a problem with the digital signature.

From device manager I can see the video card in display adapter .

Also system recovery is useless.


Can you help me?