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r9 290x Lightning crashes when reaching 75° celcius

Question asked by centhore on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by jonh86

Hi there,


I started having issues with my msi r9 290x lightning as soon as windows 10 came up. I'm still thinking of a driver issue with Dx12 by the way.


Problem : when idle, no pb of course. When I start gaming, and that my GPU reaches 75°C, game freezes, backs to windows and a pop up says Driver stopped responsding (TDR). I can play for a while but as soon as the temps go there, crash !

Before you tell me to look after this problem elsewhere, please note I already checked top subjects related and that I tried most options !


I already uninstalled drivers and all utilitaries like wattmann etc... Now only the display driver is installed (crimson 16.2).


No overclocking on the beast (no CPU nor GPU OC). I tried even downclocking which didn't solve the problem. I also pushed power limits on afterburner.


It may be that the GPU has a temp security controller pb ? Just rawing in the wind...


Config : MSI Z87 mpower
CPU : i5 4690K @3.5 GHz
GPU : msi r9 290x Lightning
PSU : Corsair RM 750
RAM : 4x 2 Go @1600 MHz


Thanks for your help, any comment would be great ! #RedTeam