AMD Wattman Why?

Discussion created by jeztur2003 on Apr 10, 2017

This is more of a rant rather than a discussion I have been gaming over 20 years have used voodoo cards hd series cards and now own a pair of msi rx 480 gaming x 8g's gave up my gtx 970 for these so definitely not team green or red I just like to game with the best graphics for my budget. Why on earth is wattman included standard with the crimson drivers I think it should be optional just like relive is. How many people have had to adjust these settings in wattman just to get your hardware to function the way it was intended and why is this acceptable? When we buy the GPU it should just work without tweaking settings in regards to voltage and clock speeds this is ridiculous to expect consumers to have to manage these settings as a standard especially in regards to temperatures and fan settings I don't know how many people have burned up there cards due to not understanding how wattman or overclocking in general works. There are third party apps for overclocking made for enthusiasts what AMD needs to understand is everyone is not an enthusiast and some just want to sit down and play without adjusting settings and it should work plain and simple. I personally don't mind adjusting these settings or overclocking I always have but these support forums are flooded with people who obviously don't have a clue what these settings do. Remove wattman as a standard make it optional and I know everyone will say well there's a disclaimer there before it allows you to make settings changes true but now answer how many rx 480's 470's 390's 380's 290's 280's furys or nanos work well without adjusting these settings?