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Best settings in crimson for Mass Effect Andromeda R7 370 4gb ddr5 - Driver Update issue

Question asked by radogamer on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by jeztur2003

When I first started the game I had all settings on Ultra and even though there were a few minor issues with lighting flares and an occasional halo sparkle around characters heads in cut scenes, the game ran very smoothly. I decided to install the most recent update  17.4.1 optional I was running 17.3.3 when I did I went to start the game after the reboot and my screen went black and my system lost connection to the display (never happened before). I rebooted and all was fine with the system, but I decided to roll back to the last version 17.3.3 and now every thing is not as it was. When I first started the game it was  jumpy the audio kept falling out every time the game jumped after some tweaks the game ran OK but was not at all at the level it had been before there is some lag in speaking and lip movement in cut scenes and the game play although not too bad is not the same. It seems the most of the issue is in the cut scenes . Of course I'm kicking my self for even installing the "optional" update which I never do. Any suggestions as to what might help the situation would be appreciated the game runs OK but it is not running the way it was before the update and roll back.


Other system information:

AMD FX4350 Quad 4.2

16gb ram

64bit Win 7 Home Premium SP1