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    RyZen R7 1800X Render Stress Test


      So once i got my hands on a X370 motherboard (finally) i was doing some video edit work and i decided to do some stress test. I wanted to see how long it would take to render a 5:10 video with Adobe Media Encoder with 2 Pass, VBR, Maximum Bit Depth, 60 FPS 1080P settings using all 16 threads while downloading and extracting files while running a 3D slicer program for my 3D printer while using a CPU based video capture while having a graph up. lets just say the 1800X laughed at me, I couldn't even tell i was doing a 2 pass Max bit depth render. It did two passes on a video over 5 min long with settings while i did a ton of stuff and it had the video done in less the 10 minutes. So far it seems as long as you have enough RAM you'd be fine, haha. I only currently have 16gb installed and it was using 75% of it. Check out the video!

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          Scenarios like that is a source of consternation for me with my system.  I use my system for encoding and editing video as well as gaming, and the choice between 2 or 4 DIMMs is a difficult one.  If I run 2 DIMMs, I have 16GB of RAM at 3200MHz speed which improves my CPU gaming scores.  The 16 GB however, can become limiting when working with large video files, but adding in the other two DIMMs drops my RAM speed to 2667MHz.


          Hopefully, the May AGESA code update allows for higher speeds in the 4 DIMM configuration as well as 2.  Until then, I am running with all four slots loaded as the extra RAM capacity helps me more than extra CPU fps in games.  On a 1440p monitor I am GPU bound in virtually all titles anyway and I don't foresee even a Vega upgrade changing that in the next few months.