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After wake up I can choose only 30hz for UHD

Question asked by ifa88 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2017 by jlgriffis

Dear supporters,


Have a reoccurring problem with my R9 270x VGA card with my LG 27UD58-B Monitor. If I shutdown the monitor or it goes to sleep mode, after wake up the VGA does not support 3840x2160@60hz and switch back to 3840x2160@30hz. There are two solutions to get it back:

#1 I restart the whole system and then I can choose 3840x2160@60hz in the VGA adapter modes

#2 I turn off and on the DP 1.2 mode in my monitor OSD menu. After that the 3840x2160@60hz is visible in the VGA adapter modes.


If I turn my monitor off for several minute, the windows disconnects my monitor and switch to Generic not pnp monitor. After that I have only 640x480 resolution (as headless with TeamViewer). If I turn the my monitor on again he "finds" the device again.


I use Delock Premium Display Port cable 2m. I have the same issue with the original Display Port cable from the LG.

My system is Windows 10 x64.

Crimson driver version 17.4.1