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Qestions of ROCm and the relation between it and HSA

Question asked by marty1885 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by jjmonster

Hello all,

After doing some research online and reading the introduction of ROCm. I'm confused on what HSA (AMD HSA Runtime) and ROCm does.

They seems to both provide the same thing(HSA APIs) and that ROCm is a newer version of HSA Runtime? I'm really confused.

Reading more documentation online, I got even got confused.


Here are my questions

  • Is ROCm the newer version of HSA Runtime?
  • Does ROCm provides the access to HSA APIs?
  • If I want to write HSA code on recent hardware(Polaris and the upcoming Vega), which should I use?
  • Any other difference between the two?
  • Will installing ROCk effect the ability to use OpenGL on Linux(It's a kernel driver after all)
  • The ROCk repo looks like a fork of the Linux Kernel. Can I compile it as a kernel module then use it on a newer version of Linux kernel(eg: 4.11-rc6)