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ULPS Doesn't Save or Always Work

Question asked by jayboz6989 on Apr 10, 2017
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I have two R9 290's that are watercooled and I am having trouble keeping the ULPS mode enabled.  It seems to turn on and off randomly between restarts.  I have disabled ULPS in both msi afterburner and regedit.  I also tried in Trixx too and setting each card individually.  I am using the latest driver from AMD 17.4.1.  There seems to be a bug because my second gpu either stays at 300 MHz (150 MHz memory) or has zero activity.  Then randomly I will restart and it will be working for a bit and then cut out. I believe my overclock is stable too.


I can run a benchmark and get one number then run it right after and get a completely different number.


Anyone have a consistent way to keep ULPS active?