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Sound driver problems and etc.

Question asked by skybull14 on Apr 9, 2017

So thing is that I have a reciever  connected to the video card (AMD radeon HD 7800 series) through HDMI but It's can't find the reciver only if I restart the computer and sometimes if I start something as administrator. So I decided to update the video card cause it contained the sound driver. So after that the problem ain't got solved and more bugs came up(like black screen wich is only appear when it-s getting into auto screen shutdown and only disappears if I try ctr alt del and run task manager ) so I tried with another update later It went to blue death and I  kinda got worried about that because I restarted the PC in safe mode It went normal and then tried to restart simply wich went to another blue screen and I restarted normally but I kind of getting worried are there anyprograms that could help. I already tried Haali media splitter and AC3 filter.