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Ryzen seems to be not quite stable OCing

Question asked by wye1102 on Apr 8, 2017

Dear all,

I'm using 1700 as home workstation. The main configurations are:

(1) 2*16GB ECC DDR4 2400,

(2) 3.75G @ 1.275V

(3) Some SSDs.

Now I have noticed the following issues:

(1) When the MB can not provide enough power, the screen will shut down at heavy load (i.e. IntelBurnTest) and the system log has some items like "Performance power management features on processor 8 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem".

In this case I increased some voltage to the CPU and it is able to work fine.

(2) When the voltage is set to +0.025 from the unstable voltage (the given configuration), at heavy load (typically running multiple copies of ISE) it is able to work fine. However when running for a long time, sometimes the programs will suddenly disappears, only left some other programs running. There's nothing in the system that can be used to verify the cause. It's also unable to get the accurate reason why the programs disappear.

Will it still be the same problem with case (1)? Does it OK to provide high voltages?