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RX480 will go to black screen when i try to update drivers

Question asked by jkccl9 on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by nalaw003

i am using i5 3570, asus h61mk and asus rx480 oc 4gb

when i try to install the crimson driver on win10 the screen goes black and doesnt receive an output or turn back on again. then after a restart the pc posts and reaches the windows logo with spinning circle but the screen then goes black and doesnt display anything. when i unplug the rx480 and use the mobo display the pc will boot to windows correctly, when looking at device manager only the intel driver is there for display so the amd driver didnt install properly. I have updated bios as well.


i have tried reinstalling win10, and the rx480 is recognised again but when i try to install the crimson driver the screen goes black again and i can do anything.

today i didnt realise i could use ddu to uninstall the drivers that didnt install properly, this is the first gfx card i have tried to install please can i get any advice or help on how to install the display drivers for the rx480 so the screen doesnt go black and not turn on again?