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AMD R7 265 Clocks &Voltage Issues [Crimson 17.4.1]

Question asked by awsi_2099 on Apr 8, 2017

hi folks

i own a Sapphire R7 265x 2GB running at windows 10 pro 64x & i have been waiting almost 1 Year for AMD to Solve this , but nothing happens

my problem is all my Default clocks changed & overclocking stopped working after switching from catalyst to crimson (currently i use Afterburner to overclock my card & it works ) , i have tried clean uninstaling  & Re-installing drivers, & even re-installing windows itself  , but nothing works .


idle~ 2D Clocks [15.11 Catalyst Driver]idle~ 2D Clocks [17.4.1 Crimson Driver]

GPU Clock :300

Memory Clock : 150

Voltage: 0.875

Temp: 29c

GPU Clock : 450

Memory Clock : 1400

Voltage: 0.950

Temp: 39c


Problem 1: 2D profile Clock & Voltage needs to get lowered back & i tried every Utility on earth to tweak it (AMD Overdrive, Afterburner, Trixx) & nothing works .

Problem 2: The newly Amazing Wattman setting (which is included for the 1st time for 2xx cards ) in driver 17.4.1 seems like the Majestic solution for my problem but Sadly it isn't functioning well  :

A: The GPU clock panel works Fine but Only when u highering the Clocks not lowering it .

B: The Voltage Panel doesn't Work at all .

C: The Memory Clock panel doesn't even exist  (i hope AMD is not trolling )

see Attachment :