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    Lot of failed R9 390 because of mining




      I am new here. I am computer engeneer with some years of hardware experiences.

      I have a problem and need confirmation from you. I was working for a company  which hired me for set up some computer systems - for cryptocurrency mining with lot of gpus. I told superior (partner) that systems like that are not stable and there will be problems with overheating, but he did not really mind. So I set up 3 systems and later 2 more. Every system had 5 or 6 graphic card (R9 390 / R9 390x). It was mined quite stable for 2 or 3 months, then problems were starting. Systems was freezing, gpus were failed one after another. So superior took them on warranty service. In like 2 or 3 months I think 9 gpu failed, there was totally 30 gpus in 5 miners + one testing miner.

      Also motherboards has only one PCIe 16x slot, so other gpus are connected over extenders (risers) from PCIe 1x.

      It is classic miner without case.


      So now my superior (partner) want refund of money which he paid me for setting up and maintenance of that mining system, because he think that is my fault that gpus are failing.

      I know that hardware like this is made for gaming or work, but not for 24/7 mining on about 80 degrees(or 85 or even more) on graphic chip.


      Do you agree with me?


      Hardware is:

      Asrock H81 PRO BTC

      Intel Pentium CPU

      8gb RAM

      SSD drive

      PSU: 1250W 80+ bronze (2x)

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          I've read about people mining a card for more than two years. Also 85c is nothing to these cards. Maybe there was something else that fired them rather than heat. Did you increase the voltage?


          An after thought. Maybe the mobo doesn't have the capacity to deal with a power surge that might result from all though extremely powerful GPUs.


          The problem may be attaching so many to one pcie slot. The electrical current has to flow thought that as well as the power pins at the top of the cards. Maybe you can try giving each card its own PCI slot in future setups.

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            With that many failures my guess is there is a power issue.  Not a wattage but either a regulation problem with the PSU or with the actual electricity being supplied to the PC that the PSU can't correct which is leading to power spiking in the GPU's.  Absolutely nothing you did to cause the issue.