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Linux Updates April 2017?

Question asked by warsun on Apr 8, 2017

I thought we were addressing this issue.It seems this issue was not taken into consideration.I just finished watching some videos an i feel i need to share them.

Saints Row IV Gameplay & Performance on Ubuntu (Native) - YouTube

R7 260X Gaming on Ubuntu : 10 games in 10 minutes Mad Max, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider more - YouTube

These are pretty important.It shows a hard recess of performance in gaming.An i am gonna need to request a crew on this issue please.Because that's pretty bad for an R9 390.Are there any members working on this issue an providing standard Updates for improvement to performance using Vulkan on these sources? Are there any Crimson drivers on the way?Will there be any support for RELIVE on the platform? Will we be seeing any of this on Zorin OS?